Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Surgeon General's Warning: Consuming brains is hazardous to your health.

Pocketbook Status

OK I never finished this feature.

Pocketbook status: -$140
High: $300
Low: -$140

There you go. Although it looks like a big chunk of change, I must say that spread out over 7 days it ain’t bad. Saturday was when most of the action went down, during a 6 hour drinking and gambling binge with Natalie and some random fools at the Hooters Casino (hey, it was next door to Tropicana) that paralyzed us both the next day. When you play for the fun of it like I do, you’ve accepted the loss before you even started playing you can enjoy the experience. Yeah, just playing for the fun of it… *sheds a single solitary tear*

But I did learn something in the case you are playing to win money: set a realistic threshold rate of wins and losses. For example, your loss rate threshold could be $40/day, or maybe $10/hour or something. After you meet that threshold, wait till your loss rate returns to zero. Likewise for winning, which is where the earning comes in. Say your win threshold is $250/day, or perhaps $100/hour, or whatever. Once you hit that threshold, cash out and stop gambling until your win rate returns to zero. This gives you a reasonable hedge against going overboard on your losses and a system to force you to cash out instead of losing it all. And never break those rules to make up a big loss.

Well I don’t think I can ever spend even a minute in Vegas by myself again. That was too much. Too much automated bathroom faucets, too much dim lighting, too much cigarrette smoke, too much kitzchy middle-American decor, too much sensationalized fabricated “sin,” too much expensive crap food, too much heat, too little urban flow, too little Internet, too little art, too little Madonna, etc…

Though I will say I was glad to stay in Circus Circus after all. I’d never been there, and that was the place my grandparents always stayed when they went to Vegas. During my time there, I kept imagining them playing, eating, talking…

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