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Here goes my first post from the blogging tool in Flock. Flock is a Firefox-based web browser that includes integration of Web 2.0 type stuff, e.g. blogging, Flickr, RSS, etc… (Kind of like the equally cool Songbird, a Firefox based web browser taht integrates meda playing.) On with the post.

We all know Bush grabs for power like a pedaphiliac in a preschool. That’s just our Bush, what can you do? Well, finally it looks like our venerable self-balancing government has checked his perverted abuse of influence.

In a blow to President Bush’s strategy for dealing with foreigners taken from the battlefields of the war on terror, the Supreme Court ruled today that the administration lacked the power to hold military war crimes trials for detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The court’s basic opinion prevailed on a vote of 5 to 3, with the court’s more liberal justices in the majority. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who often sides with the conservatives, provided the majority with its decisive vote.

High Court Rules Out Tribunals for Gitmo Detainees - Los Angeles Times

Props to Justice Kenny-to-the-D. His vote, combined with the hesitation demonstrated by some conservative Senators in yesterday’s rejection of the flag burning ban, is a welcome sign that some in the conservative clone army are willing to question their teenage-schoolgirl psychosexual obsession with their executive American Idol. I do not deny the philosophical merit of classical liberalism—my objection to it is that it relies on a view of society that is pro-wealthy in its optimism. But it seems that most conservatives these days have long forgotten the anti-government precept underlying conservatism. They’ve been relentless in handing over to Bush, the all-powerful all-knowing deity of their neo-conservative fundamentalism, all the power he can fit into his toy box. “Oh boy! Toys!!!”

The recent examples of breaking conservative ranks might presage a return to legitimate, reasonable, and collegiately-debateable conservative ideology that at least possesses a mildly tenable conception of morality. So I give those guys props. Turning against the Bush administration was a tough move that must have hurt; I should know, I felt the exact same way when I let go of my crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar. Trust me, you didn’t want to be around me for a week. You could have put a trash can lid on my head and called me Oscar, I was that much of a grouch!

The rise of neo-conservative gun-happy machismo no doubt lent itself to this judicial and legislative cowardice. Point a gun at a dog and like clockwork its tail whips between its quivering legs in fearful anticipation. “What a big gun you have, Master! How can I please you?! I will do anything…”

Did I say “gun-happy machismo”? Reminds me of rural America. Which reminds me of the generational cycle of intolerance facilitated by childhood indoctrination by xenophobic parents and communities. Can we please institute a mandatory global studies/diversity/education abroad program in the schools that service the backwards/backwoods of this country? The subtext of that program would be ethics education, since the average Christian fundamentalistAmerican parent is no more tolerant than the average Muslim fundamentalistMiddle Eastern parent. Lesson 1 could be titled “Morality Ain’t Relative.” Now how many iterations are we from that reality?

And for that matter how many iterations are we from a globally-administered education system? …Stop laughing, I’m serious.

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