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Lost season 2 finale thoughts

SPOILER ALERT. This post references the Lost plot through the season 2 finale.

OK, I’m posting this here first: my theory on what’s happening in Lost.

First we start with Raminski or whatever his name is (if he in fact ever existed). The guy in the hatch when Desmond arrived (I’ll call him X since I don’t recall his name), said that Raminksi (”R” from now on) decided to edit some of the footage from the orientation tape. I’m assuming this is the footage that Ecko found. How did it end up in that other hatch? R must have known about the other hatch and hidden it there. That means R probably knew more about the island than X (though I don’t know why R started that invisible map, but it might have to do with the notion that the observers in the Pearl wouldn’t see it.) That footage merely stated to not use the computer to do anything but input the numbers. Did R make this edit before or after X arrived? And for that matter did X and R start their work in the hatch (Swan) at the same time?

Anyway, I’m thinking that the computer in The Pearl is linked to the one in The Swan. Indeed I’m assuming that this is how the others communicated with Michael. Anyway, for some reason R wanted future recruits to not be afraid to use the computers to interact with people from the Pearl. But clearly it was the Pearl people who were being studied, (or is this too obvious?) since A) the work in the Swan hatch was real, and B) the notes from the Pearl went to a field in the middle of nowhere.

I believe the Others were part of the original Dharma Initiative team, or at least thought they were. They were typical research scientists and were assigned to work in the Pearl and maybe some other fake hatches, but they eventually discovered that they were being manipulated and that they themselves were actually the subjects of the experiments. Indeed, they were familiar with the terrain around the location where the Pearl notes were being dumped. And now the Others don’t know whether or not to trust the people from the plane, probably because of some other insane psychological testing that went on before flight 815 went down.

Of course we still don’t know who to trust and who might be undercover for the real Dharma team. We think we now know how the flight crashed, but we don’t know why all the main characters are linked. We also think we know what the Swan was used for, but it may still be something else entirely and we’re only being led to believe it’s a geo-electromagnetic discharger. We are also led to believe that the Others are acting primitive and that their leader is named Tom–that part seemed so forced. This may in fact be part of the act; the beard, glue and make up might have been planted where they knew Kate would find it, and Walt may have been coerced into saying “Don’t believe them, they’re not what they seem!” or whatever he said. And the fake camp that the Others lived in was meant to be found in the event that Michael was forced to reveal some information about the deal he struck. It also seems that Henry is the leader of the Others but that may also be for manipulative or other reasons.

Many questions remain: where did the polar bears come from/why can Walt summon animals? Why was Libby in the looney bin… was it related to her father’s death? What do the other hatches do? What’s the significance/power of the numbers? Who’s Persephone on the Hanso Foundation website, though I don’t think that identity is central to the Lost island/TV plot. What incident caused the Swan to be constructed? What’s the deal with the whispering associated with the Others? What’s Alex’s story? What happened to Rousseau? Did “Henry” really not enter the numbers? What’s with the vaccines? What’s Scott’s back story? Is anyone living in the caves anymore? Where were the bodies that they found in the cave from? How did Ecko’s brother’s plane crash on the island? How did Ecko know the work in the Swan was legitimate? Where did the pallet of supplies from Dharma come from? What happened to the rest of Rousseau’s group, or is Rousseau even who she says she is? Does she work for Dharma? Or the Others?How did John lose his ability to walk, and how did he regain it?

New questions have arisen: What exactly were X and Desmond triggering when they shorted the wires in the electrical box and the doors came down? Why was Desmond discharged? (I missed the first 10 minutes.) What was the bright light and noise when the timer ran out? Why weren’t the Others concerned about it? What’s at 325 degrees away from the island? Anything? What happened to Sayid? What happened to Jin and Sun? Why did Charlie act surprised that Ecko and John weren’t back yet when he knew that he left before them? Seems fishy. Did Ecko and John and Desmond survive? Was there greater significance to the quote that the woman Desmond loved said “All you need to survive is someone to love you” or whatever, since clearly she was still trying to find him (”you can find anything with enough money”) and somehow knew he would be around electromagnetic stuff? Is her father involved in Hanso? Where the hell were those other guys? What’s the significance of www.hansocareers.com? Of course, why did they want Jack, Sawyer and Kate? Was it Sayid that actually lit the signal fire? What was the deal with the bird that called Hurley’s name? What happened to that cloud monster? What’s the significance of the names of Libby’s husband and the boat? Why didn’t X’s reinforcements ever arrive? And the most interesting one to me: What the hell is up with the four-toed statue?! Maybe a remnant of a psycological test administered by Dharma on the Others? Or maybe a cultural relic from another species of humans that existed long ago on this island?

It’s amazing how this season Lost kind of limped along with a bunch of crap episodes (Rose flashback, and a bunch of other lame flashbacks) and then this episode zooms to 2000MPH and introduces more plot turns and twists than almost in the last two seasons combined. It’s also interesting that production of the show is only about half a season ahead of airing, otherwise Ana Lucia wouldn’t have been killed off so quickly after upsetting the producers. So the plot is still a little flexible. And man, I gotta catch up on the Lost Diary plot on the official Lost website. I heard they are experiencing there own mysterious circumstances.

Anyway, I think most of the weird phenomena (including telepathic powers or visions, except for Walt’s) can be explained as psychological tests or other experiments that the real Dharma conducted on the Others, possibly utilizing natural phenomena pre-existing on the island.

Man I could continue this entry without end, so I’ll force myself to stop here. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Don’t worry, it’s safe. It’s not like I’m collecting your feedback for the Hanso Foundation. Or am I?

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Shaun said:

I can’t beleive they changed the boy that plays Walt. I was wondering why he hadn’t appeared in half the episodes this year.

I’ll post more observations after I wake up tomorrow morning.

Mike McG said:

I heard it was because he wouldn’t let them film a scene where he makes tender, gentle love to a polar bear.

Keep ‘em coming.

Roshan said:

Wait, are you joking? they didn’t change the actor that plays Walt…he got a lot older in the past year tho!

Mike McG said:

Rosh, this is my brother we’re talking about. Half of his brain is dedicated to sarcasm. The other half… wait, there isn’t an other half. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! JK, the other half is dedicated to the wild jungle instincts of a beast-man.

Shaun said:

I watched the episode again. I may have been a little hasty with my observation that they changed the actor who plays Walt. I was thrown off because Walt usually wears a white polo with blue stripes and tan shorts. In the finale he was wearing what appeared to be a garment made out of burlap sacks. I associated the change in costume with a change in actor. And for that, I am truly sorry.

And Roshan you’re right, he has gotten older. Malcom David Kelly is growing up right before our eyes.

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Roshan said:

Holy crap, did you notice this about one of the scientists at the end who are playing chess and notice a magnetic incident:


That’s Matthew Fox! WTF is going on?

Also, the guy in the hatch with Desmond is named Kelvin, and he’s the one that captured Sayid (along with Kate’s dad) and taught him how to torture.

I agree about Pearl station being the experiment…some kind of double blind study perhaps. But i think that is obvious because almost everyone I know who watches Lost thinks that…Maybe its not that important.

What did you mean by saying Ana Lucia upset the producers? AFAIK, her character was planned to die like that before she came on to the show, and the producers and she knew it would be a temp gig. A lot of people think they got rid of Libby and her for drunk driving, but the producers dismissed that.

I’m gonna be really mad if it ends up that Locke, Eko, and Desmond die in the hatch…and Charlie lives! Christ… him, Claire, and Aaron the baby make up the triumvirate of being fucking annoying.

Mike McG said:

WOOOOW how did you catch the Matthew Fox thing?!!?!?!?! Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have a clue what to make of that. His twin? A clone? Is Jack himself part of Dharma?

OOOOOH yeah, I remember now about the Kelvin thing. But I guess I forgot Kate’s dad was involved with Kelvin (and I don’t mean romantically). I’ll have to look up some plot synopses.

Yeah Pearl is probably the experiment, but my point was more that the Others probably used to “work” their.

The Ana Lucia thing was exactly what you brought up. I remember now hearing that the drunk driving wasn’t the cause of them being killed off… But it still seems awfully plausible. I guess though the plot direction is as fluid as I thought.

I totally agree about the triumvirate of annoy-dom. Chyahlee (in Claire’s accent) is the single most annoying fake person that ever existed (as far as fake people can exist). Even more so than Jar Jar. I look at the screen when Chyahlee’s on and I want to shred his face with a cheese grater. I actually scratched up the TV and ruined three KG300’s. And I feel bad for that actor ’cause he probably despises the role as much as we do.

Thanks for the info!!!

Shaun said:

Are you guys sure that is Matthew Fox? I never saw him wearing that style beanie before. (jk)

Good observation though. What does it all mean? Jack. Beanie. Dharma. Greg. Drive Shaft.

Mike McG said:

What Lost resources do you read, by the way?

Roshan said:

I caught the Jack thing randomly from a friend’s blog today. He also wrote “Dammit. I can’t believe we gotta wait til the Fall to find out what the f__ happened. Damn cliff hangers and mysterious shit. It brings out the nerds. For example, in the institution episode, this guy was rattling off the numbers while playing Connect 4. Well, Connect 4 has 42 slots. Well, some nerd lined up the numbers in a Connect 4 grid and evidently the numbers line up the bIg dipper. And the shit with the toes - guess that’s based on Bass, who inspired Octavia Butler.”

I don’t understand those last couple of sentances, but it sure sounds crazy. My favorite line of the last episode, btw, was when Sayid says something like “I do not know what is more disconcerting: where the statue came from, or the fact that it has 4 toes.” hahaha, oh Sayid, you crazy bastard! He has the best delivery of anyone on the show.

My primary Lost resource is Television Without Pity:


It takes about a week for show recaps to publish, but they are hilarious and often times point out things that I miss. If you’re ever rewatching seasons 1 and 2 this summer, I recommend reading the recaps after each episode or a group of episodes. I think they pointed out that in one of the first 3 episodes of season 2, when Sawyer and Michael are stuck on a piece of their boat and a shark swims by, there is a Dharma Initiative logo on the Shark’s tail. Luckily I had downloaded the episode so I could go back and pause it, and it was there! I flipped out after that haha.

Also the Wikipedia category of Lost is pretty cool:


Mike McG said:

Yeah it sounds like that guy was caught up in island fever when he wrote those last couple sentences. I read the Dharma Initiative and the Hanso Foundation Wikipedia entries. I’ll check out the TV without PIty site as you said, after re-watching old eps.

For the record, Sayid said, “I don’t know what is more disquieting. What happened to the rest of the statue, or the fact that it has four toes.”

Sayid does have great delivery, but, call me a sucker for easy-going overweight dudes, I think Hurley still holds the title for best comic relief.

At Libby’s funeral. *Sobbing* “Libby, was… a psychologist.” *Sobs* “Or a psychiatrist. I don’t really know.”

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Shaun said:

“You are everybody… you are everybody”

I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with the mysteries of LOST. Still worth mentioning…

Disapointments with the finale:

We’re probably never going to learn about Libby’s back story. I didn’t care for her character, but the end of the Hurley episode with her in it was one of the freakiest things in Season 2. I mean we all remember exactly where we were when we saw Libby in the insane asylum. (I was curled up in a ball under our coffee table eating a bowl of Cheerios.)

I think the relatively weak finale proves that shows like this cannot sustain the same level of interest for more than 3 seasons. I think next season will be the last any of us watch, and we will probably stop watching midway through. The reason: too many forgotten plot elements that just get forgotten or changed, or forgotten. Too many characters showing up in back stories that does not make any sense. Hey it’s Jack’s dad! Hey it’s that girl that Sayid loved! Hey it’s that polar bear! Two whole seasons have passed and neither we, nor the characters, have any idea what they all have in common.

Jin should have learned English by now. Next season is going to be another of him just saying “Michael”, “Daddy-O”, and “We are everybody”.

Too many hatches. Hatches are soooo Season 1.

Locke is no longer cool.

Why hasn’t Hurely died yet?

Mike McG said:

First off, I guess it’s “You all everybody”.

Second, you found the finale dissappointing? Well, maybe you would know just cause you watched more shows like this than I (Alias, X Files, Webster), but I thought the finale was great. You have till Monday to be out of the apartment.

Shaun said:

Maybe I missed it. But who are the Dharma people who were in Pearl writing in the notebooks. And how long ago was there last entry?

If they haven’t revealed it yet, you guys have any predictions? Are they still alive? Will it end up being another situation were the people in Pearl are from another characters backstory. Like maybe Jack’s exwife or Kate’s dad.

Shaun said:

Season 3: Episode 1: Scene 1

Rose and Bernard are having a picnic. They are arguing. Something lame like Bernard has bad gas, or Rose is starting to gain weight. They are then violently eaten by a polar bear, in a long, graphic scene that lasts several minutes longer than it should.

*Hank’s trombone sound effect - long version*


LOST title screen

Shaun said:

Season 3: Episode 1: Scene 1

Hurley (played by an entirely different actor) is alone in the woods eating from a Dharma Initiative 5 gallon drum of mayonaise. He hears some rustling in the jungle and sees Arnst hiding in the brush. He continues to eat from the mayonaise drum. Arnst slowly retreats into the jungle.

*Hank’s trombone sound effect*



*televisions turning off all accross the country*

Mike McG said:

Season 3: Episode 1: Scene 1

A giant island ogre comes frolicking onto the Losties beach. This thing is truly ugly, wild hair and drool flying from it’s mouth, and it bounds effortlessly past everyone, who are screaming in terror, and heads straight for Sawyer’s tent where he tears the whole thing to the ground and rummages around in his secret stash. After 20 minutes of rummaging, it sits back, with his treasure in hand: An Apollo bar.

Scott: “Oh my god. That’s Hurley…” *camera does extreme close up of Scott and we see a lone booger hanging out of his nose.*

*extreme close up of the mutant Hurley, same booger hanging from his nose*

*Hank’s trombone effect, short, short, then long blast*




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