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New feature on Scrambled Brains!

We learn tidbits of useful information everyday. They might not change the world, but they might help you remember which toilet paper not to buy, what route to take to get across town, or how to encrypt the rootpw of an LDAP administrator. Just think about how helpful these nuggets are. Now think about how much help each of these could provide to the rest of the world. That’s a lot of help, if there only was a way to get them out there.

Well, dream no more! I’m proud to announce the introduction of a new feature on the site: Mike’s Morsels! Yes, every now and again, I will be posting my helpful knowledge tidbits, morsels if you will. It is my sincere hope that these morsels will help each and every one of you, and I project the aggregate effect will be a 2% increase in the GDP. And please feel free to respond with your own knowledge, be they tidbits, morsels, or nuggets.

And now, the first of Mike’s Morsels!

I was at Westside Pavillion when a great hunger suddenly stirred in my belly. Fearing eminent death, I scrambled to California Steak and Fries. Sure I’ll admit it, it wasn’t healthy, but I’d rather risk the effects of cholesterol than die in a crappy mall. To be fair, I decided I should get the healthiest thing available, and the 10K Turkey sandwich fit the bill. “Easy mayo,” I clearly requested. Easy mayo I clearly did not get. Both halves of the bun were mayo’d, and also there was mayo drizzled in the meat and lettuce. Well, I might not have died today, but I’ll tell ya, I might as well have. Mike’s Morsel: When ordering the 10K Turkey with easy mayo from California Steak and Fries, make sure you say “easy easy mayo,” or you might as well be dead.

“Easy mayo.” Sheesh. Those words still echo in my brain to this hour. That place should change their name to California Steak and Fries AND MAYO.

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Anjilyn said:

I love California Steak and Fries! I order there regularly and I’m not dead yet so I can say they aren’t that bad. As for the “easy mayo” bit, they probably didn’t know what you were talking about because I sure wouldn’t, it’s eathier “extra mayo,” or “no mayo” at all. And there are a few healthy eats in West Pavillion if not in the immediate area a short distance away. There’s a fruit smoothy shack and another grill that has healthier eats, I think.


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