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Don’t judge a sandwich by it’s cover

I just had a most jarring experience in Starbucks right now. I picked out a healthy-looking chicken sandwich that had a dark brown bran bread of some sort. We all know the latest health advice is to make sure to “eat lots of whole grains.” (Whole what now?!) It’s a a good source of energy that won’t promote fat gain or swing your blood sugar levels around. (Willet, Rebuilding the Food Pyramid, Scientific American, 2002) Anyway, I pay six dollars for this sandwich. Then I check the label: “Chicken with Pepper Bacon” and “Saturated fat 16 grams 63% RDI”. Sixty-three percent! (And what are these “gram” things?) They tricked me! They knew I’d go for it cause it had the healthy looking bran bread of a dark brown color. Ohhhh! And I fell for it! OOOOOHHH!!! And it didn’t even taste good! No, that’s a lie - it tasted great actually. But anyhow, now I’m all worked up, I’m all hot and bothered. I better get something to drink to cool down. But this time I’m-a goin’ be extra careful, and get something healthy - make up for the trickery of that sandwich! Hrm… Frappucino… dark brown in color… yeah, looks like it’ll be a good source of bran.

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