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Archive for May, 2010

[take 2. action!] shannon and sayid. wow they dug deeeep! (thanks @rotron)

jenna and sayid. wow they dug deeeep!

here we go, Losties!!

is being flown to NYC for an interveezy!!

wow, GG worked up a doozy!!

Waaaahhhhh! A month too early!

Be vewwy quiet. We’re hunting apawtments.

passed the point of no return: I’m movin to NYC next month w/my love! You can’t escape us, Life! Mwahaha! Aw ya Empire State of body! Holla!

woke up & thought phone said it was 9am so I got up. 30min later I check the time & it’s 7:30am! Suddenly sleepy again. Stupid groggy eyes.

Metzger, by Allison Sommers at Thinkspace, CC