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Archive for April, 2010

I had never been able to keep flowers alive for long, much less to see them bloom more than how I bought them. Pretty amazing. Some might call it a miracle.

finally made time to watch the Blur documentary. Heart-stoppingly fantastic for this fan.

sweet, finally finished reading the nhibernate documentation. one step closer…

sheesh, weakest dialogue on LOST ever. Come on, J.J.!!

So we’re following the lead of North Korea now? This just files in the face of the American spirit.

wonders how he missed the fact that Cornershop came out of hibernation last year.

Well, crap. No 4-core i7 in the new MacBook Pros. Not sure 2 Hyper-Threading cores count. Might have to go PC for 1st time in 6 years. :”’(

new MacBook Pros announced!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy

lol at the Eastern European rendition of "I’ve Got a Feeling" on GG.

is Jack Kerouac.