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Archive for January, 2010

knew about it generally, but Norway’s standard of living, as shown in the Sicko DVD special feature, is fascinating.

OMGz. EQATEC Profiler is the sweetest thing EVA!!!!!!!!

loves those rare times in SoCal when he can experience the revitalizing aura of the hydrologic cycle!

Mass Health Care

wonders if he’s the only one that thinks Leno’s 10pm show CANNIBALIZED Conan’s ratings instead of boosting??? Ferchrissake, NBC.

is just back from manhandling his metabolism with some highish-intensity treadmill intervals.

Larchmont Bungalow. Huevos rancheros and red velvet pancakes. That’s right.

Felix da Housecat is the cat’s meow.

all else being equal, logic predicts the reduced effectiveness of brakes due to rain will increase the avg speed of traffic. Stupid logic.

Run 4.3mi, w/230ft cumulative ascent: check! Iced grande nonfat latte: check!